Affrontements sanglants entre forces marocaines et étudiants et étudiantes Saharaouis au campus universitaire de Rabat .
voir: Rapport + Liste des blessés en arabe chez Cahiers du Sahara
voir: La police marocaine tire sur des étudiants sahraouis à Rabat, SPS, 08.03.05
Sit-in at Rabat University:
«On Tuesday, March 08th, 2005, some hundered Sahrawi university students in Rabat decided to celebrate the International Day of Women in a special way. They went out in a peaceful march in front of their university cities in Madinat al Irfane, Rabat. The march was specially for calling for AUTODETERMINATION for the inhabitants of the Western Sahara.
It started at 15:00, but the Moroccan police interfered violently to disperse the demonstrators. The students refused to leave the place, and there were conflicts when the police violently seized the slogans held by some students. Then the purchases started out of and into the three university cities (Univ.city 1, Univ.city 2 and the girls' city=la fondation). In a preliminary list, there were about 25 injured, some of them are girls. Some injured students are now in hospital. The conflicts continued until 18:00.
This is the best prize that the Moroccan authorities can offer to the Sahrawi woman on her feast, a shot instead of a flower. And this is how the Moroccans make JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION with the Sahrawi civilians». [corr.]
See: Moroccan police shoots demonstrating Saharawi students in Rabat, SPS, 08.03.05

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