Severe injuries by GUS

12.06.05: A Saharawi citizen called Lfghraoui Sidi Mohammed Ould Taleb, aged 19, resident of Daddach Street in the Maâtalla district has been tortured on the night of Saturday 11/12 June 2005 by a GUS group (Urban Security Group) led by Commissioner Ichi Aboulhassan before the eyes of Saharawi citizens in the centre of El Ayoun.  After having run away, police pursued him to a building, they threw him off the roof of the building. He is now in Belmehdi hospital in a very critical condition suffering from fractures to his hands and feet and back. His family is not allowed to see him.
In another incident, families of Saharawi political detainees arrested in the course of recent events have been forbidden to visit their relatives in the Black Prison of El Ayoun since last Tuesday, knowing that there are among the detainees a dozen in a serious state following torture.