Testimonio del interior de las cárceles marroquíes " Abdallahi Ouali Lajfaoui",17.09.04, AFAPREDESA >> leer

Témoignage de l'intérieur des prisons marocaines " Abdullahi Lakhfaouni" 17.09.04, AFAPREDESA >> lire

This is a Sample of What Happens to Sahrawi Political Prisoners in Morocco
by the Sahrawi political prisoner, Abdallahi Ouli Lakhfaouni, #25668, Central Prison in Kenitra
It is no secret tat the Political detainees from Western Sahara undergo oppression, ill treatment and negligence in the Moroccan dark prisons. I happen to be one of these unfortunate prisoners. My name is Abdullahi Lahkfaouni, and I am imprisoned in Kenita’s central prison. Recently, I was a victim of a brutal aggression by one of the prison’s employees named: Daoudi Moustapha who is in charge of securing the second floor. He arbitrarily beat me and insulted me and hurt my pride in front of other prisoners.Consequently, I filed a complaint with the office of the prison’s director named: Ellouz El-Hadi. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that that I underwent the same bad treatment from the prison’s former director whose name is Gsaimi Mohamed.The latter threatened to throw me in a well while feeding me just water and bread so that I would die slowly just the way he wanted it. After that I filed a complaint and sent it t the general director of prisons, but it only found its way to negligence and carelessness.
Last august, some of my personal belongings were stolen and I complained to the guard who is in charge of inspecting prisoners’stuff. Then I complained to the deputy director who just changed that guard from his position, not because of my complaint but because there were many other complaints from other prisoners and their families.
Accordingly, and because of what I have been going through in this hellish prison, and because of malnutrition, lack of medicine and because of the ll-treatment and other violations of the simplest human rights, I call upon all the organizations and associations to put pressures on the Moroccan government in an attempt to put an end to this oppressive inhuman treatment; and in this regard, I am asking for our rights as political prisoners as it is stated by the international law and with a total respect to the Moroccan law that administers and legalize the prisons.